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Formula Vee/Formula First/Trike - Silver Bullet Bodywork
**Now developing Velomobile Aero Bodywork**


Full Silver Bullet Formula Vee/FST package
Sleek after-market one-piece body fits Caracal ‘C’, 'D', and Lynx derivatives as well as Citation, Speedsport, XTC chassis. Can be modified to fit other Vees and is a great choice for Formula First. Optimum aerodynamics are critical in Formula Vee to run up front. Not a compromise to a specific chassis, this design’s progressive and continuous curvature allows air to efficiently flow around the GCR minimum frontal area. Available as parts kit, assembled, or mounted on your frame.
Main fuselage
Side NACA ducts
Head scoops to mate with NACA ducts
Top scoop for carb/oil air
PTEG clear plastic windscreen
'Bump' for steering box or shifter if needed
(Additional Kevlar side reinforcement available)

Kevlar Full body kit -includes main body, nose, nose bump (if needed), left and right NACA ducts in Kevlar, left and right motor cooling ducts, upper air scoop and PTEG clear plastic windscreen (PTEG is a plastic material that combines the heat forming abilities of Plexiglass and the toughness of Lexan).  Fits Caracal 'C' and Lynx $1425
Full body kit as above for Caracal 'D'                 $1700
Full body kit as above for Citation, Speedsport, XTC                 $1850

Individual Pieces... 

Main body in Kevlar (14lbs.)  $ 995
Upper Air Scoop  $ 150
Nose (Kevlar and Fiberglass)   $ 200
Nose with Beam Fairings  $ 250
Nose bump for steering box clearance (if needed)  $   20
Left and Right NACA scoops in Kevlar (width 5.5" for FV, 7.75" for FST)  $ 150
Left and Right head cooling ducts (mate with NACA ducts) - specify FV or FST  $ 200
PTEG windscreen  $   75
Epoxy coated foam beam fairings (see below)  $   89

Individual Pieces List
Kevlar Products List

All parts are hand laid using a top quality polyester resin (fiberglass) or vinyl ester resin (Kevlar) binder over white gel coat.  Engineered layout of the structural cloth in the main body permits it to be constructed with no transverse seams.

Additional services

Add additional Kevlar side protection, 2 extra Kevlar layers per side  $ 150
Additional Kevlar side protection, 4 extra Kevlar layers per side  $ 300
Crating full kit for shipping (2X4 lumber)  $  125
Fitting body to your frame INQUIRE

Services List

Beam Fairings
An affordable, practical way to fair-in your FV/FST front beam. CAD designed fairing is cut by computer controlled hot wire from high-density foam and epoxy coated. Just sand, primer and paint! Flexible enough to snap over front beam tube or can be cut and attached separately to nose, main body, or separate structure (5 minute epoxy works great!). Total width 8.5" (3" forward of beam centerline).  Shipped in four 9" long pieces, enough for any FV/FST.
plus shipping. Typical shipping rates: Atlanta $7, Chicago $9, San Francisco $11.


*Prices do not include shipping.  All parts except main body can be shipped Parcel Post, UPS, Fedex, etc.

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AEM - Silver Bullet
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